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Welcome to Redonkadoodles!!!

Thank you for visiting my shop! My name is Sheryl Brown and I am the artist behind Redonkadoodles.  I started at an early age doodling and dreaming of tapping into my potential to become an artist. I persevered through 4 years of Fine Arts and Animation College and earned my diploma. I am now an accomplished Character Designer and Illustrator, and I am continually mastering my craft.

I'm a mother to a beautiful boy, and a beautiful baby girl who joined our family August 2012!  It's liberating to work for myself, but It is very important for me to keep a healthy balance between my family and work. I try my best to update once a week with a new image or two, but sometimes life and my fulltime demanding job get in the way of my dream job, which is my store.  The whole reason for this shop is for my growing family and my love of doodling for myself.

I love my fans, and without all of you, I wouldn't be able to share my creations with you all.  You are my motivation to keep drawing and keep the store up and running!  I enjoy hearing from each and every one of you.  So please stop by my blog and meet my family and me.   Join in on challenges and win Redonkulous prizes!  Visit my Facebook Fan Page to say hi or share your Redonkadoodles.  I love seeing them, and bragging about you to my family and friends! =)

Redonkadoodles started out as Redonkulous Designs, but underwent a rebranding and a site facelift, in 2013.  Redonkadoodles is a trademarked company, with official first use of the new name occurring on May  05, 2013.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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