Download Instructions

Immediately After Your Purchase

Once you have completed your secure purchase via PayPal, you will be returned to the Redonkadoodles online store's "Order Success"  page.    On the Order Success page, you will see a large "Download" button that you can click to go to the downloads page, where you can see all downloads available to your account.  You can log out, and come back later to perform the downloads if you wish.

Email Confirmation

You will also be sent a confirmation email which contains a link to the order you just completed.   The order page also has a button on it called "View Downloads"  which will take you to the Account downloads section.

Download Link on "My Account" Page

You can also get to the downloads page at any time by logging in, and going to the "My Account" page, and chosing "Downloads" from here. If you have outstanding downloads, they will appear here with a link to download the image.

Downloading Image Files And Saving Them To Your Hard Drive

On the Downloads page, you will see buttons beside each of the purchases you have made. These buttons allow you to download each individual image that you have purchased. When you click a button, your browser will begin the download. The download may be a single image, or it will be a ZIP file containing multiple images, or the same image in different file formats.

Where Did It Save My File?

Unfortunately we cannot help you here. Different browsers and operating systems handle downloads differently. If you are prompted for a place to save the file, then be sure to save the file in a location, on your device, that you know how to get to.

How do I Open a Zip File (On My Computer)?

Windows Users:  It's easy!  Once you download your files and have located them on your Windows based computer.  Right click the zip file.  A popup option will appear.  Now click "Extract All..." Choose the destination where you would like to save the files.    Alternatively you can just double click a ZIP file and it will open to show you the contents which you can then copy to any folder you please.

Mac Users:  Double click the ZIP file after you have downloaded it, and the files will decompress in the same folder that you saved the ZIP file in.

For all other operating systems, you will need to search for an appropriate ZIP Extractor for your particular OS.  There are many free ZIP utilities available on the web.

Mobile Device Users:

Many mobile phones and tablets do not know how to deal with ZIP files without having a special app that can handle these types of files.   Due to there being so many different makes and models of devices, and the various security on the browsers on those devices, we cannot help you much here.

We recommend you download and open ZIP files using a PC or Laptop.

iPhone & iPad users can try using an application called iZip, which you can get from the iTunes Store.  

However we do not endorse or provide support for these third party apps.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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