Return Policy

All Digital Product

Due to the nature of instant downloadable digital files, all sales are final. There are no refunds on any digital products. If your file gets lost or damaged, or if we have mistakenly attached a download to the wrong product, we will gladly replace it if you can provide sufficient proof of purchase. We cannot promise you will get lost files back from computer failure or misplaced files, so please make sure you are saving them onto your computer in a place where you can find them. It’s always good to back your computer up regularly.


Commissioned pieces take hours to create just for you, plus many many years of schooling, excelling in the trade, and everyday practice! In order to keep our prices reasonably low and to protect our artist, we offer limited revisions on commissioned pieces. We really want you to be happy with your purchase and we try to please our customers. However, once a commission has been started, you will have to pay for the artist’s time spent. Therefore, refunds will not be granted, but the artist will work with you on a solution to rectify a situation where you feel we did not meet your expectations. We have never had it happen where there has been an unhappy customer for a commissioned piece. However, if a situation arises where we feel there is no way to satisfy you, the artist can choose to terminate the commissioned piece without refund. Every artist has his or her own style. We provide significant samples to show what to expect.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for a full breakdown of our terms.